Rites of the Damned

by Elay Arson

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SokK Amazing album full of Darksynth hits ! "Seas of Humanity" blew my mind ! And the cover is made by Ariel ZB, which is always a plus ! Favorite track: Seas of Humanity (feat. Becca Starr).
G-Prime thumbnail
G-Prime Having actually listened to this Asterios Kokkinos-inspired impulse buy now, I can safely say it was money well spent. Some goths found a synthesizer and got to work, apparently, and let me tell you, this is some good shit. It's jam packed with a good mix of instrumental and vocal tracks, drawing inspiration in equal measure from goth industrial and darksynth and a touch of harder stuff to boot. I'm not sweating the money I spent for this, nor can I sweat, AS I'M A DIGITAL CYBER DEMON! Favorite track: Digital Cyber Demon.
Mr Biff
Mr Biff thumbnail
Mr Biff Strong retro vibe... pounding beats... growling and then soaring guitar moments... 18 tracks that take you on a journey to a future you can recognise from your past! Favorite track: Leather Sunset.
⛧FLESH MECHANIC⛧ thumbnail
⛧FLESH MECHANIC⛧ A new breed of gothic darksynth is on the horizon. Blending the typical 80's synths with gothic metal song structures and coating it in doomy erotic feeling makes me think of Type O Negative, as the one and only Peter Steele often utilized such atmosphere on many of their songs. One of the best albums from the genre I have heard this year, and definitely worth buying. Favorite track: I Looked Into the Eyes of a Cybernetic God.
Momaru Shinuchi
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Momaru Shinuchi Effortlessly blends synthwave with metal and something demonic that lurks within! Sounds like the seedy underbelly of retro-future Berlin. Favorite track: Digital Cyber Demon.
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What initially started out as a 6 demo EP by Daniel David Larson in April of 2017 ended up with him adding a band member and guitarist Devin Harrison. After working together they quickly found themselves to be a very compatible songwriting duo.

Later, Daniel would go on to approach and recruit local talent, out of state talent and eventually international talent.

The end result is an 18 track - 80 minute work of art full of heavy drums, guitars, and synths.


released July 21, 2017

Elay Arson is Daniel David Larson and Devin Harrison

Daniel David Larson - Songwriting, synths, drum programming, bass, mixing, and mastering (unless noted otherwise)
Devin Harrison - Additional songwriting, all guitar parts (unless otherwise noted)

Additional album credits (In order of appearance):
Track 05 - Drumming by Florian Millot (perpetualescape.bandcamp.com)
Track 07 - Features a sample (used with permission) of Asterios Kokkinos (www.patreon.com/asterios)
Track 10 - Vocals, lyrics, and vocal mix by Becca Starr (thevandammage.bandcamp.com)
Track 13 - Vocals, lyrics by Justine Ruppert. Engineering by Bill Douglass (www.royalrecording.com)
Track 15 - Additional Songwriting & synths, and all guitar parts by Carbon Killer (carbonkiller.bandcamp.com)
Track 16 - Remix by Vernian Process. Mixing by Joshua Pfeifer Guitars by Martin Irigoyen (vernianprocess.bandcamp.com)
Track 17 - Remix by Xyntec (bandcamp.com/Xyntec)
Track 18 - Lyrics, vocals, original concept and additional songwriting by Reapers (reapers.bandcamp.com)

Original album art by Ariel Zucker-Brull:

Elay Arson Logo by Simon Bondar:

Additional graphic design by Daniel David Larson

Special Thanks

To the people that love and support us in our private lives.

Professional Support
Kill All Music (killxallxmusic.com)
New Retro Wave (newretrowave.com)
Colorado Goth Fest (www.facebook.com/ColoradoGothFest/)

Other Graphic Artists
RJ Swandon Taylor (www.facebook.com/BREAR.ART/)

And thank you to everyone that purchases this album.


all rights reserved



Elay Arson Colorado Springs, Colorado


Daniel David Larson
Devin Harrison

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Track Name: Ticking Omen
Track Name: Rites of the Damned
Track Name: Doomed Forever
Track Name: Inverted Purple Cross
Track Name: Revelry to the Dark
Track Name: Leather Sunset
Track Name: Digital Cyber Demon
...as I'm a digital cyber demon! (Spoken)
Track Name: Eastern European Vampire Punks
Track Name: Well Beyond the Unknown
Track Name: Seas of Humanity (feat. Becca Starr)
It feels like I can't breathe

It's crushing me in waves, don't be so selfish
Forever pulled beneath
Where is humanity? Choking and gasping
Submerging with the sea
Derelict and isolated in this casket
Buried deeper than the Mariana Trench
The odyssey is free and filling every facet
I've lost all sense of self
In darkness I am drenched

And it feels like I can't breathe
Lost in sea's of humanity

Observing changing tides with eyes so dry and patronised
Obscured in subtle lies, they bond and tie and won't survive
Oblivious to change, they lose all hope, submit again
Obliviously in denial, we are all free, not all compiled

Track Name: An Eternity in the Shadows
Track Name: Fear Disappear
Track Name: Caged Bird (feat. Justine)
Your hands they burn my skin
But your eyes just drew me in
And now I'm trying
But you're keeping me from flying

Verse 1
Now I know that it's too late for myself to escape
I glance in a mirror at what was my face
But it was frozen in a dark time and place
And now I'm hoping wondering
Will I get out of this alive?
I'm trapped in your eyes
Blue bars don't resemble the sky


Verse 2
Can't you see how we've changed?
There's no love this late
The swirling shadows that guide the way
To your heart so cruelly paved
Decisions are best made
When your hearts are locked away
And there's no place
In this game we play


Second half chorus
Track Name: I Looked Into the Eyes of a Cybernetic God
Track Name: And I Felt the Abyss (feat. Carbon Killer)
Track Name: Ticking Omen (Vernian Process Remix)
Track Name: Eastern European Vampire Punks (Xyntec Remix)
Fucking punks...
Fucking punks. Those assholes, they always get away.
Those were the words in that defendant's head just moments before he pressed that pistol into Trayvon Martin's chest and pulled the trigger
Fucking Punks.
Track Name: Dead Horizons (feat. Reapers)
Verse 1
When the call comes down
When they need you to break
Will you shatter the glass?
Will you have what it takes?
Can you shout at the world?
Can you scream at the night?
Do you know what it means
To have me by your side?

Chorus 1
I've seen far too damn many people die
I've come far too far to give up this fight
If the rhythms of the world show me the sound
I'll feel all these things that bring me to the ground

Chorus 2
Open up the skies til everything dies

Dead Horizons

Verse 2
White sand, blue steel
No one left to tell you what to feel
No one needs to know the secrets that we keep
Or the things I've seen that make me weep
I hold this relic, it tells me where to go
But where that is I don't even know
I feel bodies and heat and the engines turn
It just makes me sick and my stomach burn

Chorus 1
I've seen far too goddamn many people die
I've come far too far to give up this fight
If the rhythms of the world show me the sound
I'll feel all these things that put me in the ground

Chorus 2
Open up the skies til everything dies

Dead Horizons